Anatomical Aprons by Joy. Anatomical Ostomy Teaching Apron
4.27.09 Catherine's Ostomy Powerpoint[ppt]

3.16.09 Mike ET: Weird or Arcane Ostomy Info Part 2 [ppt]

12/22/2008 Kathy's Ostomy Order Set [doc]

1/23/2009 Chris'--"Cleveland Clinic Lecture Notes: Short Bowel Syndrome"[pdf]
09/09/2008 Judy's Coloplast Fistula Manager Video (windows media player)[WNV]
If you right click on this link instead of just clicking it, you can save it to your computer. If you just click on it, windows media player will open and the video will play but you cannot save. If you want to save it, right click and hit save as. If you have trouble downloading, it is because it is buffering from this site and possibly others are downloading at the same time. Be patient. Thanks.
>>Mike ET Files
01/24/07 Colostomy Teaching Guide [DOC]
11/06/04 Ostomy standing orders [HTML]